my gluten free story . . .

The photos in this post make me very, very Happy!!
why you might ask??  because . . .

they are all Gluten Free!!!!!

yes . . . really!!
(my personal Gluten Free story is below)

found at . . . cannelle et vanille - for the recipe click . . . here!!
 (images are courtesy and copyright of Aran Goyoaga.)
 found at . . . cannelle et vanille - for the recipe click . . . here!
(images are courtesy and copyright of Aran Goyoaga.)
lemon poppyseed yogurt tart

 found at . . . la tartine gourmand - for the recipe click . . . here!!

chocolate cupcakes with coffee ganache

found at Gluten Free Girl and the Chef . . . for the recipe click . . . here!!
(by the way . . . I made these - and they are wonderful!!)

my gluten free story . . .

A couple of years ago I was not feeling so well.  In fact I felt
absolutely awful!!  So awful in fact that I thought something
was terribly, terribly wrong with me.  I remember saying to my husband . . .
"there is not an hour in the day that I feel ok . . . ever"!!

I tried everything . . .
I tried changing my diet in almost every systematic way possible . . . 
I sat on the computer for hours into the night trying to find something that included
all my symptoms . . . I went to doctors - had x-rays, ultrasounds,
even an endoscopy and was told that I probably had acid reflux
and to take an over the counter drug in high doses daily to help.

I sat there in the room with my husband and doctor and cried!!!
(as I knew that was not the answer)

. . . and so I did what the doctor suggested and took the daily medicine.
I sometimes did feel a bit better . . . 
but for the most part - I knew inside that nothing had really changed.   

I tried to quit talking about it with friends and family . . . 
to just accept it for the most part.
I felt as if this was how my life was going to be.

Through this process - I started associating food with feeling miserable.
I was sad that I could not enjoy food the way I once had.  Let's just say  . . .
that food and I were not very good friends at this time in my life!!

and then something happened . . .
I had lunch with a friend.   I ordered this amazing and quite beautiful salad . . .
but as it was set in front of me -  I looked at my friend and said to her that I
just couldn't eat it. (I was simply so bloated at that moment that the thought of one bite
of food would make me pop like a balloon.)  She looked at me and asked me
a few questions about my last few meals and then she
looked me in the eyes and said . . .

"I think you might be gluten intolerant"

. . . "what" - I thought ??
. . . as I was quite sure that I had cut out bread (wheat) before.??
 But - I took her suggestion anyway as I thought it couldn't hurt at this point.
I went home that evening and researched it on the computer
and then realized - it was much more than just cutting out bread!
I realized that there was gluten is so many thing that I had been eating!

So - I tried it . . . and I must say that it was not easy at first . . . shopping was a bit hard,
cooking a bit more difficult . . . and eating out was a nightmare to say the least!!
But - I stuck with it as I definitely noticed a difference. I began to feel better.  And now,
a half a year later - saying that I feel better is such an understatement . . .
as I quite literally feel that I have my life back!!

 I was very lucky . . . I had support from my family and friends . . . my husband made
me a loaf of gluten free bread early on . . .
and he also brought home all sorts of gluten free flours from the market.
He could tell that I was happier as he could
see the difference!! I also had support at my work - my business partners also
brought gluten free lunches in to share . . . and this truly meant the world to me!!
and then of course - through the blog world . . .
there was this amazing local girl named Shauna . . . she really was my true hero!!
I have never met her personally - but I read her stories
on her blog . . . Gluten Free girl and the Chef . . . and also enjoyed her first book!
Her stories brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh hysterically,
and brought strength to my heart - which I so desperately needed at that time!!

Lately - I am very inspired by the food blogs that share gluten free recipes . .
such as la tartine gourmand as shown above. 
And, I am especially loving . . .
 Aran Goyoaga's blog called . . . Cannelle et Vanille!!
I love everything about this blog - from the food recipes,
to the photography, to the life styling that happens within each post . . .
I quite simply love it all!!

These blogs really know how to celebrate life 
while being Gluten free and I am very thankful for that!!

Do I miss bread, bakeries, etc?
Not at all . . . because gluten is not my friend anymore . . . 
and besides - there are so many other great options out there now!!  If you are not so sure . . .
just click on some of the links above and I think you will definitely change your mind!!

And for how I am feeling these days?

It may sound crazy . . . but . . .
I can now tie my shoes again without complaining about it!!
And that, my friends - makes me very, very happy!!

and Julie (my friend from lunch that day) . . . if you are reading this now . . .
please know that you quite honestly changed my life!!!

Gluten Free love to all of you!!
xoxo - liz


Bee & Mason said...

My sisters friend just published a fantastic gluten free cookbook called Blackbird Bakery. It is available at Amazon and at Anthropologie. There isn't a single bad receipe in it.

Andy's Attic said...

What a great story. I am so glad your friend knew what to ask and flet comfortable in suggesting a solution. Yea for friends like that and all the people who helped you "adjust".

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

some of my favorite food photogs are gluten free. I just saw this today and it looks fantastic! just waiting for the recipe...
it is becoming more and more common my friend - thanks for spreading the word!

liz said...

Francisca . . . you are right - your sisters blog and book look absolutely amazing . . . I am definitely going to spend some time at her site this evening!! Here is a link to her mouth-watering gallery page - thought everyone might enjoy it as well!! :)


xo - liz

Little Cottage said...

You had me at GLUTEN! I'm in the process of finding out my own diet problems & sound so similar to yours!
All the best to you being your new YOU!
THANKS for sharing!

red ticking said...

wow... we need to talk! i cannot believe it has been months since i have seen you... toooo long. we need to catch up... very soon. xx