Smiles . . .

Winners of the . . .

Finders Keepers Game!!

The smiles on these pictures are always amazing!!
I just love them!!

Carrie . . .
the finder keeper of a great
light-blue typewriter ribbon tin!

Terri . . .
was the finder keeper of two items . . .
a cool old metal container and
a great red nehi bottle!!

Unfortunately . . .
I forgot to take a picture of the gal who found
the red floral tray.
if you are reading this blog right now . . . I would absolutely love
a picture with you and the tray!! :)
(I am going to do a really cool post at the end of the year and
would like as many finders keepers pictures as possible!!)

No one found the old Listerine bottle . . .
I will save it for next time!! :)

Next up . . . pictures of the show!!

xoxo . . . liz

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