to the queen . . .

she walks to her own step . . .

and I really . . . really . . .

like that!!!

Her name is Cindy
and everyone knows her as the . . .
Queen of Tarte!!

I am pretty much fascinated by everything she does!!!
for one thing. . .

she is sweet and kind and is completely down to earth . . .

she is a free spirit,
(with her soul-mate Barry by her side)

has a bit of gypsy in her heart . . .

not to mention a bit of French in her soul!!!

I always love her blog music . . . and when I hear the song . . .
"Mercy". . .
her and her blog instantly come to mind as that is where
I first heard it!!

Cindy also has this great and wonderful dog . . . Jake!!

What more could she possibly possess??

well . . . let me tell you!!! :)

Cindy is incredibly and I mean incredibly talented
in everything she does!!

Especially when it comes to finding . . .
really great vintage!!!

Her Barn Sales are amazing,
creative and beautiful!!

(much more so than any picture can portray)

and guess what??

there is one happening tomorrow!!
yes - tomorrow!!

so "dream" tonight of something you desire . . .
and tomorrow it might just be yours . . .

I hear she has 3 trailer loads of fresh merchandise
at the barn this weekend!!

If you have a chance . . .
you should definitely check this out!!

Trust me when I say - it is absolutely 100 % worth the trip!!
(regardless of where you live!!)
My friend Deb and I went to the last one, did some serious shopping and . . .
had an absolutely wonderful time!!!

Saturday May 22nd
20131 South End Road
Oregon City

See for yourself - you will be glad you did!!!

for more information . . . click here - queen of tarte

Photos from the Queen of Tarte's blog

and I believe the darling picture of Cindy's dog Jake . . .
was photographed by Isabel @ Maison Douce
another great blog!!

xoxo - liz

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