Dan Marty . . . great vintage!!

If you love vintage - really great vintage . . .

then you need to be introduced to one of the very best . . .

his name is . . . Dan Marty

here are a few pictures to inspire you!!

images from "L.A. at Home" blog (Los Angeles Times)

There is a great article on him in the latest issue of . . .

House Beautiful!!

As a designer - I find the answers to the questions quite interesting
and very refreshing to say the least!!

There is something in his bedroom that
made me particularly happy . . . see if you can figure out what it is . . .

If you do figure it out - let me know . . .
and then,
just like in our "finders-keepers" game . . .

I will send you a very special gift!!
(and I think you are going to love it!!)

Check it out!!

xoxo - liz

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