Sneek Peeks - summer-flea . . .

Sneek peeks for the summer-flea . . . I have to confess . . . I am a little late on the whole sneek-peeks idea . . . but I still have a few photos to share . . . although it may be a bit late :)

As I have said before - I love wonderful textiles . . . both vintage and new!!! I look for quality, great colors, and most importantly - natural fibers and great patterns!!! Below are a few pillows that were made from vintage blankets and draperies . . . that give a great vintage look . . . but still feel fresh and new!!!

an old wool plaid blanket made into pillows . . .(found at Kelly's "off the wagon antiques" in Port Orchard). I also found the "Nehi" bottle there - I will be selling this one . . . but typically I have a hard time parting with these as I collect them :)

I also love numbers and letters . . . and what great colors!!

Anyone who knows me - knows I love red and cream . . . believe it or not I see red as a neutral - at some point I will show you what I am talking about!! I truly believe red can go with most colors if done correctly!!! Lots of colors can be neutrals if looked at it in this manner!! If you pick great neutrals (or should I say great "thread" colors . . . it is just amazing what you can do with them!!!

here is a pillow that I meant to show with the "orange" chair back in March at the summer flea - . . . sometimes things take me awhile!!! I bought the old draperies around the same time I bought the chair and was amazed at how wonderful they looked together!!! I meant to have the orange chair, the floral "drapery"pillow and a bunch of fresh pink gerber daisies . . . but I was a little late. I absolutely love this fabric!!! it is not every day you can use orange and pink together and make it work - but I personally love it!!!

Love this old blanket mixed with a bit of modern. It is very . . . "Maresa" . . . she is going to have a space and I am sure it is going to be ultra cool, hip an edgy!!! She has kept some of it a secret - so . . . I just can't wait to see what she has!!!

It is a beautiful day . . . see you at the market :)

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