loving . . . Stella Love!!

by . . .
Maresa Patterson!!


loving this new collection . . .
beautiful, modern, and . . . ultra cool!!

and - if you are liking the "hattie", "audrey", and "ruthie" above . . .

you are going to simply LOVE the others as well!!!
(. . . just wait until you see "marilyn', "grace" and especially '"estelle"!!)

I may just have to pick one of these up to wear for the next vintage show . . . 
but - the question is . . . which one to choose???

I definitely need some help deciding . . . let me know your thoughts!!

xoxo - liz


The Little Red Shop said...

Well, I definitely think that you need all 3! They are just lovely!

: )

Julie M.

The Whistle Stop said...

They are the most wonderful dresses! Treat yourself!

Andy's Attic said...

I vote for Audrey...very classy and looks comfy (always a good combination)

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Audrey...for sure, love the name, after Hepburn of course. So in love with the beautiful neckline!

Glad & Celia

Teresa Sheeley said...

Wow, I am really loving these dresses. Really alot!!! :) Such talent.


Kathrine said...

Ahhh...if I could only get a thigh into one of these beauties! Ha!!

Hi Liz, it was so nice to see you at Tarte's grand opening! Can't wait to see you again at Ruffles & Rust.

See you soon.

Gathering Hope said...

all three are fab, but Audrey is my favorite. It's a classic for sure!

'LUSH' said...

Love, love, love them all! However, I want Audrey for work, and Hattie for play!

Unknown said...

Well . . . I guess I am going to have to try a few of these on . . . seems everyone is liking the Audrey :)

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments - they always mean the world to me - truly!!

And Kathrine . . . it was great seeing you as well . . . sooo excited that you will be at Ruffles and Rust . . . I personally can't wait!!

desde my ventana said...

Ilove the firts one, beautiful,
Bss y feliz nueva semana.