Fun at the Funky Junk Sisters show in Puyallup . . .

The Funky Junk Sisters and Mom "Dixie" did a great job with
their very first show in Puyallup!! Congratulations Girls!!!

Thank you all so much for letting me be a part of it!!

. . . below are a few pictures of my booth at the show . . . with a few
new finds found at the Farm Chicks! :)

My wonderful son "Pierre"!!
One of these times we will come to the "Competitive Edge" for
a Football camp . . . I promise! :)

My daughter "Hattie" and her new bunny friend . . . made by the very talented gal named Kurstyn Sutober (spelling?) - from "Feather Your Nest". I so wish I would have gotten a picture of her!!! She and her daughter were both so sweet!!

The lovely Susan Wheeler and her sweet daughter "Molly" . . . Susan is one of
the most talented women I have met in this industry . . . I have
so enjoyed meeting her!!

Two of Susan's great chairs . . . I should have bought these :)

Tippy Stockton's booth - one of the most beautiful booths I have seen yet!!!

Linda from Luluz . . . loved her necklace display . . . and most of all . . .

the bike that got away . . . next time I will know better!! :)

The wonderful Debi from Ormolulu - I feel so lucky to have met you!!

Debi Ward Kennedy next to her lovely Retreat Booth . . . she is very inspirational . . .
a big "Thank You" again Debi - for everything!!!

One of my neighbors at the show . . . Kelly Berg from . . .
Off The Wagon Antique Market in Port Orchard . . . we had some
great conversations - especially about one very special orange chair!!! :)

Kris and Amy from Today's Country Store . . . loved being neighbors
with you at the Farm Chicks . . . love your style and . . .

love your chairs . . . I should have bought them the moment I saw
in your lovely display!! I will definitely stop by next time I am in Sumner :)

On the left is one of the Funky Junk Sisters - Linda . . . and to the right is the wonderful Funky Junk Sister's Mom - Dixie. I'm not sure of the gal's name in the middle - :)

A big "Thank you" to all of you for a first show well done - it was absolutely amazing!!

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