Spring Flea - 2009 (more market photos)

Seabold Vintage Market had it's first spring-flea last Saturday and
it was lots of fun!!! After days of wind and rain - I was so happy to see the sun come
out!! It was wonderful to see old friends and to meet new ones . . . for me it was
truly a magical day . . . I hope you enjoyed it as well!!

A big "thank you" to all of you who helped me setting it all up - I could not have
done it without you!!

A friend of mine took some amazing photos . . . can't wait to show them to
you - hopefully in the next few days :)

french enamelware . . . life is good!!!

vintage kitchen finds . . . lots of color . . .

farm-house collectables . . . for the kitchen and garden. Everyone
loved this corner of the Market which was done by my dear friend Kathryn.
She joined in at the last minute for some market fun and now we
both can't wait to go on the road . . . she is full of enthusiasm . . . I love
that about her!!!

some more of Kathryn's lovely vintage pieces . . .

Greg Davidson was also there from Greg Davidson Antique
Lighting. He is an expert in his field of antique lighting and we
were so glad he joined us at the Market. You can visit his website
at www.antiquelighting.biz to see more of what he has to offer.
Thank you Greg for joining us - it was fun to have you there!!

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