loving a bit of red . . .

I like lots of colors (most of them actually). . .
but I always come back to

R e d !

Plain and simple - it is one of my all time favorites!!

Here are just a few vintage items I am bringing to Barn House on July 28th!!


I just can't wait to see everyone next week . . .
if you would like more information
on this incredible vintage market - click here!!

As always - I will be inside the Barn - see you soon!!! :)

Much love to all of you . . . happy Wednesday everyone!! :)
xoxo - liz

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Next up . . . a bit of grey . . . hmmmm :)
(I still have to have a little red on those tags . . . lol!!)

all photos are by me - Liz Le Dorze
( and they are all very Pin friendly!! )

If you would like to . . .
we would love to have you stop by and visit us on Facebook . . .

and also on Pinterest - here is my "vintage red" board!!

and a little Online love!!! :)


The Little Red Shop said...

Beautiful, Liz!! See you sooooon!!!

: )

Julie M.

Andy's Attic said...

Red is my favorite, too. Wish I could come up to see you but will be down the road at A Vintage Gathering. Hope we will meet one of these days!!

breida with a b. said...

MAN! I wish you and I could be BEST FRIENDS!! I am DROOLING over this stuff - Red is my thing - and grey - and white - these pictures are like FOOD for me - just LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. And I just saw that you have a vintage red board on Pinterest. . . I'm on my way! I wonder if there is a way to "repin" a WHOLE BOARD?!