Finders Keepers . . . Spring 2011

Have some fun!!!

here are the items for the . . .

Finders Keepers Game
Spring Flea 2011

all these finders keepers objects are just waiting to be found!!

Blue Fire-King Bowl, Baby Ben Clock, 
Red Ball, and Cream Oval Platter

The finders Keepers game is fun and easy . . .

  • review the blog before each market to see what items are in the game . . . (sometimes I do this the night before or the morning of the market!)
  • find the item in one of the vendor's booths . . .
  • it will say "Found" on the tag and will not have a price . . .
  • bring it to the cashier at the main entrance . . . we will verify it, take your picture for an upcoming blog post on all the winners . . .
  • and then the best part . . . you get to keep it!!!! :)

Have Fun and Good Luck!!
I love this game . . . hope you do too!!!

See you all soon!!

Seabold Vintage Market
today - Saturday, March 19th
2:00 - 6:00

for directions . . . click here!!


Farmgirl Chaos said...

A shopping-finding game? How fun! I'll be there...with my 'hunting' gear on!

Uncle Beefy said...

What a smashing success, Liz!!! I hope it was for all of you too. You all must be exhausted! But, thank you for SUCH a great job! All of your hard work is much appreciated. :)

And, your "Hattie Bird" clothing?!! After seeing those pieces, I don't which I want more... to have a little girl or BE a little girl?!! Gorgeous!

Hope to see you, "The Boys," and Kimberly Taylor later tonight...?

OH! And, the birthday cake balls? Amazing! My mouth says THANK YOU but my pants want an apology. ;)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

wish I could have been there...hope it was great!!