fabric love #1 . . .

grey-blues . . . deep reds . . . and chocolate browns . . .

I love these colors and just thought 
I would include a few of my favorite fabrics below . . .


this post was originally from a blog I started last year called . . . 

"Studio Cloth"
(which some of you may have seen)


but - last year got away from me . . . 
and I only ended up doing a few posts.

I did however think this one was worth repeating 
as I thought it worked well after 
the previous post on . . . blues, reds and browns!

I also thought you might enjoy it a bit as well!!
Personally - fabrics have always inspired me . . .
the colors, the textures, the patterns - I truly love them!!

fabric love . . . to all of you!!
 xoxo - liz

a quick fabric resource note:
. . . the fabrics shown on this blog are available through 
select design showrooms and are sold to the design trade.

The fabrics have been linked whenever possible to 
their respective websites for your information and use. 
If you are not a designer - the design centers and showrooms can refer you to 
an interior designer or trade professional in your area.

yes - the fabrics shown above may be a bit more expensive . . . 
but in my opinion - they are worth the expense!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz
I love fabric, too.
Hope all is going well for you :)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Love the colors and textures!! Makes me want to go shopping!=)