red cross love . . . #1

it's getting a bit chilly outside . . . 

 would love to curl up with one of these . . .

and this first aid box is just darling . . .

images found here - saidos da concha
(photos by: Tiago Cabral)  

xoxo - liz


gail said...

love the quilt and the red boots!
I'm getting so in the mood for fall. It's definitely in the air!

mimi charmante said...

*love* that quilt! i was actually at the fabric store today buying fabrics to make my first quilt. this could be interesting... :)
ps. did you know you can only leave a comment on your blog with a google/typepad/wordpress account? I used to have it like that on my own blog but it limits who can leave you comments... I wasn't sure if you had it set up that way on purpose~

Beth E-R said...

Red crosses were never on my design radar until I saw your booth at the Farm Chicks show two times ago. Now, I am a big fan of that look, thanks to you!