Bainbridge Island Barn . . .

Love this . . .

In fact . . . both my husband and I loved it so much
that we put an offer on it 5 1/2 years ago.

At the time there were many offers on this island barn . . .
and it was sold to nice young family . . . unfortunately not ours.

We of course - were happy for them . . .
yet sad for us - as we had fallen in love with the place!!

We kept searching and ended up finding an . . .
equally wonderful historic cottage that we also fell in love with!!

and then about a month or so ago
I found out that . . .

this wonderful
island barn-house
is for sale - once again
here on Bainbridge Island!!

as you can probably tell from this post . . .
this wonderful barn
will always have a piece of my heart!!

I loved it then . . . and still love it today!!

you can read more about it here at Apartment Therapy
(photo also from Apartment Therapy)

If you are interested in seeing this house . . . my good friend Mudge Mair
is a Real Estate agent here on Bainbridge Island
and would be more that happy to show you around!!
(her phone number is (206)276-8139.)

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