The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti . . . a place of hope . . .

This is my dad with a patient at the Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS)
in Deschapelles, Central Haiti.

He and my mother volunteered for a month or so every year . . .
for about five years in the 1980's.

Each year we would watch a slide show and listen to the stories about their time there . . . the hospital, the people, the politics, the economy, etc. . . It was always the stories about the people that I remember most . . . their warmth, their smiles, their kindness and their gratitude. I always thought I would like to go to visit, but I never did . . .
I wish so much now that I had!

My dad volunteered as a general surgeon and my mom helped out in the lab there. It was not always easy there . . . as there were many people who were sick and suffering. Day to day was also not always easy as you can tell by the clothes dryer above. (It is so fitting that my mom is smiling in this photo - as she has always loved life to the fullest - regardless of the situation) I remember my Dad talking about the need for good drinking water and a great need for education . . .

When I talked to him the other night about this post . . .
he still feels that education is key!!

My dad next to the daily staff board . . . Oct. 23, 1986.

The halls of the hospital with patients waiting to seen in the 1980's. I remember my Dad telling stories of how people would walk for days to come to this hospital. I am happy to say that this hospital made it through the earthquake in decent shape and is currently helping many who have made there way here from Port-au-Prince which is 40 to 50 miles away . . . there is a wonderful blog here that has done an amazing job documenting the hospital's work on a daily basis since the earthquake. For me - reading that blog gives me a glimmer of hope in an otherwise tragic situation.

Here is my Dad - Dr. Wm G. Dixon, Mr. Mellon, Mrs. Mellon, and my Mom -Harriet (Hattie) Dixon.
Larry and Gwen Mellon were truly amazing people!! They built The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in 1956 and lived there throughout their lives. There is an amazing article about them . . . here. It is definitely worth the few minutes it takes to read!!

For those of you who have the means . . . this is a wonderful organization . . .


For those of you who do not . . . please have this organization in your
thoughts and prayers as the hospital tends to those most in need . . .

Blessings to my wonderful parents . . . I love you both . . . and you have taught me so much!!
Blessings also to all those who volunteer and help around the world . . .

As most of you know . . . I have always loved the red cross symbol . . . it is now crystal clear to me what I should be doing with that symbol . . . and this year I plan on putting it to good use!!!

I am donating a portion of all my sales from Seabold Vintage Market to both
The Red Cross and to the Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) . . . throughout the year . . .

It is my way of sharing what is truly important . . . to me.

God bless . . . liz


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