Indianola Flea Market - part 2

I had a wonderful time at the Indianola flea market!! My
new friend RaeJean was the one who organized it and I think she did
an amazing job. There was lots of different booths which made it fun for
everyone!! Great job RaeJean and to all those who pulled it off . . . it
was so much fun!!

My favorite booth was Heather's booth . . . she has an
incredible eye - I could have bought everything in it. Below are a few
things I bought from her . . .

2 darling little green cups and saucers . . .

. . . a very cool sign . . . this is the front side . . .

and this is the back side . . . I thought it was very interesting and
bought it on the spot. It is about 5 to 6 feet long . . . the
colors are amazing!

I asked Heather to join us at the Seabold Vintage Market in July . . .
I am crossing my fingers!!

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