a few more days . . . Petite Retreat!!

my favorite dress-form
with a few necklaces that I have been working on . . .

I used to make jewelry . . . but haven't done so in a long time.
I find it very relaxing - like gardening,
or a yoga class from what I hear :) . . . and lately I really need that!!

I will be bringing a few of these necklaces and some earrings
to the Petite Retreat Show this Saturday . . .

but one thing you should know . . .

the gal with a true gift for making jewelry
will also be there!!

Her name is Patricia Kelly Mackey

and is the owner of . . .
Tippy Stockton
specializing in custom jewelry!!

She is very talented and I absolutely love her use of color!!
The jewelry is amazing!!

Wendy Prowell from
Gussy Chairs
will be also be there!!

She will have a large selection of finished and
unfinished chairs to choose from!
Can't wait - as I love chair frames!!

and of course . . .
the Queen of the Petite Retreat Show . . .

Deb Kennedy and her husband Bob!!
They are a husband and wife team and are the owners of Retreat!!

They are always working on something new and wonderful . . .
and have a truly unique and beautiful style all their own!!

Deb is not only a talented designer . . .
but she is also a strong, savvy and smart woman as well!!
She knows what she wants . . .
then she goes about what she needs to do . . . and then gets it done.

She walks the talk - and I really like about her!!

This spring Deb started her Petite Retreat vintage shows
on their property located on beautiful Camano Island!!

Their first show was a huge success . . .

and I know this one is going to be even more amazing!!

Can't wait to see what they have been working on . . .

the one thing I do know - is that
there will be all sorts of great vintage treasures . . .
just waiting especially for you!!

So . . . jot it down on your "to do list" for this weekend . . .
it is truly the perfect way to spend a Summer Saturday!!

Petite Retreat
Saturday - June 26th
from 10:00 to 4:00

(click on the Petite Retreat logo above for directions, times, etc . . .)

until then . . .

I know you have all seen this . . .
but really - isn't it such a great saying!!

(speaking of words to live by . . .
I have been seeing some really funny bumper-stickers lately!!)

Hope to see you all on Saturday!!

xoxo - liz

(haven't forgotten :) . . . I promise I will try and take some sneek peek photos
and post them tomorrow or Friday!!)

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